I have had the most stressful week after! Barely any sleep after shitty Boomtown, went swimming (half a mile after not swimming in months yeaaah!), travelled back up to Edinburgh and moved into the flat.

I’m dying to get everything sorted in the flat, like bills and general things, plus I need to sort out money. Job hunting is going quite well actually, I’ve had a few replies - got a trial shift and a meeting this week! - as well as speaking to my old boss. Feeling pretty positive about that. Plus there are a couple of volunteer things I can do on the side.

Unfortunately my mum is being an utter cunt. I went to visit her the day after I got home and she complained/ignored me pretty much the whole time. I turned 21 last month and she didn’t bother getting me anything, not even a card. My uncle, who is on benefits and pays for all her food, still managed to give me twenty quid. They’ve been arguing - I say arguing, what I mean is my mum shouts and he tries to calm her down. I got a text last night and my mum wants me to move all my books out of her house, she wanted me to do it today but I said not until Tuesday. I’ve got a hell of a lot of books…

I feel like I’m being a moany cunt but I think it’s pretty justified after this entire year. But I’ve been to the GP about my meds, I’m eating healthy and I’m so excited to start back at uni! Just to end on a positive note :)